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AI Virtual Agents: The Quickest and Easiest Way to Address Service Concerns

AI virtual agents streamline workflows to resolve issues fast and provide users with what they need when they need it. Find out how you can reap these benefits for your organization.

In the last few years, organizations in the KSA have become more reliant on technology for business operations and have begun digitalizing their operations.  This led to increasing demand for fast and reliable IT services. Now, IT teams are faced with an even greater challenge to support a hybrid workforce and consistently deliver high-quality services to employees anytime and anywhere.

With this in mind, business leaders are impelled to adopt intelligent automation to drive new levels of productivity and operational efficiency while delivering improved employee satisfaction.

This brings forward the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology into IT service management (ITSM) strategies.

AI can empower ITSM tools by streamlining workflows to resolve issues fast and provide users with what they need when they need it. For this reason, it has become an essential technology for organizations adopting a remote or hybrid workforce.

In fact, 39% of companies in Saudi Arabia are scaling up their artificial intelligence investments this year. Another 16% are planning to experiment with the technology and discover how it can improve their internal processes.

There are numerous ways to efficiently integrate AI into your ITSM strategies. For one, if your goal is to free your help desks from repetitive tasks, provide better user experiences, and decrease resolution time, then you will find value in AI Virtual Agents.

What are AI Virtual Agents?

One of the most optimal AI-powered ITSM tools is AI Virtual Agents. It allows your employees to access 24/7 services to address their machine or software-related issues on their own, whenever and wherever they need it. 

These AI-powered chatbots are designed to respond to the most common service concerns and queries in real-time. It provides intelligent conversational experiences from end to end, ensuring that your employees’ issues are addressed thoroughly and instantly.

How AI Virtual Agents Can Add Value to Your Organization

Beyond alleviating your help desks from repetitive, mundane tasks, AI-powered Virtual Agents can streamline your entire IT service management process that could impact your business operations. 

Benefits of using AI virtual agents

With an efficient system, you will be able to:

Deliver Better Support Experiences

Automating common requests will redefine the service support experience of both your customers and employees. With AI Virtual Agents, you will be able to provide customers with seamless, fast, and reliable solutions to their most common pain points. 

Provide Resolutions in Seconds

AI Virtual Agents are always online, giving your employees the ability to access resolutions to their concerns instantly, wherever they are. This is essential particularly for employees working remotely or are mobile.

Increase Employee Productivity

Routing issues to AI-powered chatbots that automatically respond to incidents will reduce call volumes and increase deflections and efficiency across the organization. This will allow your teams to focus on more value-adding, strategic tasks.

Save on Operations Costs

Accelerated resolutions of requests and incidents will drive immediate business value as it comes with a guided setup, pre-built conversations, integrations, and configuration tools.

Make Smarter Decisions

AI virtual agents provides additional support for your business operations with analytics features and forward-looking predictions. This equips organizations with the necessary information they need to arrive at data-driven decisions that may impact business growth and resilience.

Leveraging AI-powered technologies to reinforce your ITSM strategies will lead to simplified business operations, improved productivity, and cost-efficiency. Thus, organizations need to integrate the right AI tools fast, like AI virtual agents, to remain competitive in this new digital landscape.

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